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Call for contributions

At the InterPride AGM 2020 in Oslo, we will strive to make an interesting and useful workshop program. To do that, we would love to get your suggestions for topics of workshops and contributions for the workshop program.

Our goal is to be able to make a program where you can find workshops on different topics - such as practical workshops on making a Pride, Human Rights and solidarity and current topics, discussions and challenges for our movement. To do this, we might try to make people with similar topics work together or merge workshops to be able to make the best possible workshop program.

Please use the form below to contribute with your suggestions for workshops that you would like to hold. We would also love your ideas and suggestions for topics on workshops, lectures or panel discussions that you would like to attend, but that you might not be able to make yourself!

The deadline for sending suggestions for the program is 1st of March 2020. If you send a suggestion, you will hear from us during March and April 2020.

Please fill in the form online